lamoda announces a brick-and-mortar store launch in Q1 2019

lamoda Group, one of the largest Internet companies in Russia, announces a brick-and-mortar store launch in Q1 2019. The one thousand square meter, lamoda Market will open its doors to customers in the Moscow city centre mall, Atrium and will mark a new retail format for Russia.

“lamoda Market is designed to become a link between online and traditional retail, to attract a new audience and to set new quality standards in the trade of apparel, footwear and accessories. lamoda Market will be more efficient and convenient than any other retail store thanks to its deep integration with lamoda’s online platform,” says Florian Jansen, co-founder and CEO of lamoda.

Up to 200 brands will be presented at a time. However, unlike most stores, lamoda Market stock will change not once a season, but every month or even more often. This distinguishing feature is made possible by lamoda’s wide range of products and well-developed logistics. It offers customers more than 2,500 brands and millions of products. Frequent change of product ranges will increase the number of customers and the store revenue.

Customers who visit the lamoda Market can try-on and pick up a purchase, visit a Wi-Fi lounge, have a coffee or visit a workshop with stylists. Brick-and-mortar lamoda is also a new format that will introduce an offline audience to online shopping.

“We plan that over time, the customer will be able to not only make a decision about buying in lamoda Market, but also send the purchase to their address. LM Express will deliver purchases at a convenient time. It will be shopping without packages and weights. Come, choose, enjoy a good price and have a cup of coffee. Moreover, we will deliver all your purchases, ” says Eric Collier, Chief Commercial Officer of lamoda Group.