One of the main causes of childhood disability, there are four to six cases of cerebral palsy per 1000 births in Russia. The charity Gift to an Angel approached Lamoda to support an awareness raising campaign time with the International Day of Cerebral Palsy and Lamoda signed on to join a large-scale charity flash mob.

Thirty three (one for each letter of the Russian alphabet) children suffering from the condition designed a letter of the alphabet and from that professional designers created a unique font – Dobroshrift. For a few days, Lamoda changed its logo for a new one made up of the letters designed by the children.

As part of our commitment, Lamoda also decided to donate 3% of all children’s goods sold between October 2 to October 16, donating 3,491708 Rubles (50,000 Euros) as a result. The raised funds will be allocated for physical and speech therapy, rehabilitation, medicines, specialized furniture, clothing and financial assistance to families.