More than a billion people reside in the customer markets of GFG. We recognise the expectation and value the opportunity to contribute to the social fabric of the communities in which we operate and COVID-19 has made even clearer the need for business to play a positive role in society. Being true to our customers and our vision means being true to greater society and as we continue to grow and evolve, we will formalise how we give back by focussing on specific community issues and via long term community partnerships.

Our Community Targets


Progress in 2020


of regions have a charity partnership in place


Long-Term Partnerships

As we operate in so many diverse locations and we have a strong emphasis on local execution, we do not prescribe a community concern that should be focussed on at Group level. Instead our regions operate within a global framework for community which guides implementation and we work with our people in each market to understand the community issues that are relevant to and prioritised by them.

Each region has or continues to invest time to assess community issues in their respective locations, prioritise them and understand the landscape of charities in their markets. In ANZ the team have identified social inclusion and environmental protection, both issues addressed by their charity partner Thread Together. With donations from the fashion industry, Thread Together supports people experiencing homelessness, victims of domestic violence, refugees and asylum seekers, Indigenous communities, ex-inmates, as well as other vulnerable groups within the community with new clothing. The other regions of GFG will build on the engagement and research completed this year and formalise partnerships with charities during 2021.

Provision of employee volunteering opportunities to our teams has been significantly impacted by the pandemic during 2020 although they have transferred online where possible. Recommencement of these opportunities for our people will be a key focus in 2021, once safety protocols allow.



CIS Charity Marketplace (I Want To help)

As in many locations, in Russia the onset of the pandemic required charities to close their retail locations just as festivals and corporate events also ceased. This had a significant impact on the ability of charities to engage with their supporters and raise much needed funds to support communities in need.