Shopping by your Sustainability Values at THE ICONIC

In April 2019 THE ICONIC launched their Considered edit, a functionality that enables customers to shop by their personal sustainability values. Recognising that product sustainability is a complex and often opaque world to the consumer, THE ICONIC Considered curates items meeting sustainability credentials with a dedicated destination page and a filtering system that is accessible throughout the site. There are five categories within Considered – Sustainable Materials, Eco-Production, Fair Production, Animal Friendly and Community Engagement – and customers can focus in on what is important to them.

The Considered filters have been used by 1 in 5 filter users since launch and the number of brands with either some or all of their product range included increased from 315 brands to 467 brands between April and December 2019, with the number of items included more than doubling in the same period to 12% of the total.

Sustainable Materials
Product made of materials with a lower environmental impact than conventional alternatives
Product made in a location, or using a process that is associated with a lower environmental impact
Fair Production
Product made in a location holding an accreditation associated with decent working conditions
Product made using non-animal alternatives or methods associated with good animal welfare
Community Engagement
Product made by a brand or using a method associated with community benefit e.g. donations

THE ICONIC recently set the target of reaching 50% of their product range meeting at least one Considered credential by 2025.