Our People & Planet Positive principles express the outcomes the Group strives to achieve.

Ethical Trade

Trading ethically and fair, to the people making our products and to nature

  • Living up to our ethical trading policies, to ensure there is no bonded/illegal labour, living wages are paid and workers are not exploited in our supply chain
  • Ensuring our products are made with chemically safe materials and that there is no animal suffering or cruelty practiced in the development of our raw materials
  • Understanding the environmental impact of our supply chain and implementing programs which progressively reduce that impact
  • Contributing to initiatives that promote circularity of clothing, such as post-consumer textile recycling

Collaborative, working with brands to drive continuous improvement

  • Working with brands selling on our platforms to drive lower social and environmental impacts


Reducing the environmental impact of our operations

  • Understanding all of the most significant impacts of our operations (e.g. transport, logistics and packaging), and implementing programs which progressively reduce that impact


Contributing positively to communities around us

  • Identifying the most important community issues to our people and our customers and implementing programs that contribute to the tackling of these

Responsible Workplace

Safe, for all of those directly and indirectly involved in getting our products to customers.

  • Providing a physically mentally & emotionally safe work environment for all those who work at GFG regardless of where their work is performed be that in a home office, fulfilment centre, office or on the go.
  • Ensuring safe and decent working and living conditions and pay for staff indirectly employed in our operations, including agency labour and migrant workers.

Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging

Equitable and respectful, for our people, our customers and our brands to express their true self.

  • Every person has the right to be treated with dignity and respect and experience a safe workplace where they feel they belong.
  • Equal opportunities, representation, support and accessibility for all.
  • Fostering an inclusive environment in our daily business operations and leadership by investing in our culture and capabilities.
  • Ensuring fair and conscious approaches to our model, supplier and brand selection
  • Demanding accountability through policies, internal controls and targets
  • Combating diversity discrimination internally and externally with zero tolerance