Dafiti’s Kanui launches exclusive collection in partnership with Rincon Sapiência

Inspired by the music producer and entrepreneur, the collaboration's motto is to do it your “own way”, enhancing the beauty of authenticity and freedom of expression.

São Paulo – 19 December 2019 – The largest streetstyle e-commerce platform in Brazil launched a collaboration called “Mundo Manicongo” on Wednesday 18th December, in partnership with music producer and entrepreneur, Rincon Sapiência. In line with Kanui’s purpose of empowering young people to express themselves in today’s society, the collection has been developed in varying shapes, colors and sizes that encourage customers to wear whatever they want according to their own personal style.

With a recently released album called Mundo Manicongo: Dramas, Danças e Afroreps, Rincon Sapiência is one of the biggest names in Brazilian Rap and the son of a seamstress and stylist who have dressed him several times in his career. He has always associated his style with his songs and ideologies.

“He is an artist who represents a lot about the spirit of our brand. He brings so much originality into everything he does, he is a spokesman for authenticity and is very well recognized in the Brazilian street scene. These factors are crucial to this partnership – the first one developed with an artist of this caliber who also exudes elements of Brazilianness”, points out Lívia Fukuda, Kanui Branding Manager.

T-shirts, shirts, shorts, pants, windbreakers, caps and glasses bring a rich mix of vivid colors, such as yellow, green, red, millennial pink, black and white. As for prints, logos were developed with elements photographed directly from Rincon’s neighborhood where he was born, Cohab I, and include Afro / Tropical props. Cleaner designs include stripes from the collection’s colour palette, with the Rincon Sapiência logo embroidered, as well as Afro patterns, inspired by the art and props of the Kingdom of Congo.

“From the beginning, the process was very collaborative – Rincon participated in all stages of creation, using his personal touch to show his origins and artistic flare in each piece. We created prints that respected elements of different cultures and ethnic backgrounds, guided by the rapper’s life elements. In addition, the fabrics are designed to be as comfortable as possible and all items in this collection have a genderless proposition.” says Thais Tejo, Kanui Style Manager.

This is the rappers first clothing and accessories collaboration, which also sought external references, but relies heavily on the fashion references used daily by the rapper.

“The partnership with Kanui came about because of our mutual connection with fashion – our world’s met: mine because of the music that is very much based on the look, and Kanui for being a fashion promoter. The whole collection is very much in line with what I’ve been wearing lately: colorful prints, sportswear and collages, which is also on the cover of my new album. The palette is very much in line with my songs and the mood was tropical-inspired, just like my new album,” says Rincon Sapiência.

To celebrate the launch in style, Kanui and Rincon welcomed influencers, press and partners for a content-packed night: a talk about fashion and authenticity, led by the women from the We’ll Be There Collective. Shortly after, the guests were surprised by a blackout, followed by a presentation by African-Caribbean dancer and choreographer Gabb Cape Verde, who was the cue for the apex of the event – a Rincon show with newly released songs from the new album. To close, guests could customize their gifts from the new collection, ensuring it was done “your way”.

The collection “Mundo Manicongo” has items starting at R$59,90 and is now available on Kanui’s website and app: www.kanui.com.br/mundo-manicongo

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