Dafiti Launches Macro Campaign to Re-frame the COVID-19 Crisis

The RE_ Campaign proposes another look at the current scenario

Sao Paulo –It is time to reflect, renew and redefine actions. Dafiti, the leading fashion e-commerce in Latin America launches a macro campaign to transmit a positive message of support and reflection to its customers.

The COVID-19 pandemic and the quarantine in Brazil have brought many reflections to society and brands: how to humanize and understand people’s needs more deeply, and how to inspire and be more relevant at a time of exponential increase in digital consumption. Motivated by this complex scenario, Dafiti looked at the current situation to unfold its new macro campaign.

Our teams have plunged into the present moment, with a critical, meticulous and very human eye to understand the current desires, needs and expectations of consumers and our ecosystem. To plan the campaign, we strove to understand the new behaviours at present: some people will spend much more time digitally connected, in moments of self-reflection, in solidarity and in collaboration. On the other hand, this new phase also brings challenges and many uncertainties. In view of these premises, Dafiti is committed to be the point that will connect customers, partners and employees, that is, the ecosystem; which will support, entertain and re-frame this moment, so that together we can go through, perhaps even in a lighter way ”, points out Malte Huffmann, co-founder and MD of Dafiti Group.

To incorporate all of this, the RE_ campaign will start on Monday 30 March and will include partnerships with digital influencers, partnerships with other companies, disclosure of new services, online customer services, communication on the brand’s official social networks, and social activation on the Dafiti website and app.

Words such as reconnecting, reinventing, rethinking and reflecting will set the tone for the campaign, which aims to bring together, inspire and provoke the participation of stakeholders in all developments – actions such as content partnerships, well-being and even donations from the company and its partners will be released over the next few weeks. This is the manifest that summarises the new campaign:

“It is time to reinvent. To recreate. To give yourself and the world a new chance. A new air. Renew.
It is time to reconnect.
To reestablish new connections: with our family, our work, our essence.
It is time to reframe. Give new meanings to new and old signs.
And who knows, redirect yourself to a new path.
It is time to rebalance the energies, transfer and reciprocate. Redecorate the new world around. Review our looks, and why not, our looks.
Get dressed up your new you.”

To learn more about the RE-campaign and other corporate initiatives that the organization is carrying out during the COVID-19 pandemic, visit: https://www.dafiti.com.br/re- manifesto/




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