Dafiti signs digital partnerships, offering benefits to its customers during the COVID-19 pandemic

The initiative promotes content and services aimed at entertainment, health, and education, helping customers and partners to face the new moment more lightly.

São Paulo – Promoting lightness and well-being to customers has been one of Dafiti’s main objectives during the COVID-19 pandemic. In recent weeks, campaigns have been developed to permeate this across all of Dafiti’s e-commerce websites:

  • Dafiti’s “RE” campaign proposes to reflect, renew and reframe the crisis;
  • “Konexões”, launched by Kanui, encourages young people to explore “konnected” ideals in the digital world and;
  • Tricae’s “from lemon to lemonade” brings an optimistic and welcoming look to the current environment, so that parents can enjoy this opportunity to contact with their little ones and, at the same time, feel heard in their frustrations when this new context imposes limitations on them.

With these narratives, Dafiti aims to promote initiatives that benefit all its stakeholders.

Each campaign includes digital partnerships focused on entertainment, health and education. The partner companies are from different niches whose visibility is increased through the partnership with Dafit, while helping to foster the different distribution channels of the group, with authentic, quality content, bringing even more inspiration in this current scenario.

The partnerships were designed to please different audiences: those who seek to enjoy more free time at home to learn new things and in a fun way. Through the partnership with  Udemy, the leading global teaching and learning marketplace, Dafiti customers can access up to 70% off on pre-selected courses on all three of its e-commerce websites. Courses on subjects such as photography and lifestyle can be found on Dafiti’s special page, others such as games and trips on Kanui, and those focused on motherhood, paternity, and creativity, can be found at Tricae.

The campaign also offer customers  a free 30 days trial of audio stories from the Storytel app. All those who access the curator page of Dafiti, Kanui and Tricae, will have access to content such as,, fashion and lifestyle on the page of Dafiti, suspense stories , biographies of musicians and fiction on Kanui and children’s books and maternity and paternity subjects on Tricae.

In addition to these partnerships, Dafiti also offers options for children’s entertainment – in the face of quarantine scenarios, home office, children on vacation or homeschooling, the daily lives of families have changed. Understanding this new context, Dafiti signed a partnership with Kinedu – an app with fun activities that helps parents from right from pregnancy through to a child’s fourth birthday. It includes special discounts starting from April 15th, for Dafiti and Tricae customers.

The company has also turned its attention to the uncertainties and anxieties of social isolation generated in recent weeks. Valuing the health and well-being of its consumers , two partnerships were signed the Zen meditation app and the Zenklub mental well-being app to help customers better cope with the current situation. By accessing the partnership pages,customers will have access to 30 free Zen days, with inputs to accompany him/her on the journey of self-knowledge and transformation – programmes, exercises and courses focused on personal evolution (registration can be done through the pages of Dafiti , Kanui and Tricae). The partnership with Zenklub provides psychologists, therapists, psychoanalysts, and coaches for online assistance for just R$ 1 in the first month, by accessing this link.

Check out these and other partnerships announced routinely on the social networks of Dafiti, Kanui and Tricae.

Follow these and other actions during the Covid-19 pandemic on the page: https://www.dafiti.com.br/re-manifesto/


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