THE ICONIC have continued to create and cultivate a community that acknowledges and celebrates First Nations peoples, history, and cultures. The vision is for Australia to be fiercely proud of its First Nations histories and cultures, one that is unafraid to confront and engage in difficult conversations and one that is on a continual pathway of growing together and learning from each other. 

In 2023, the Principles of THE ICONIC’s Indigenous Engagement Strategy were brought to life, through THE ICONIC X FNFD Incubator Program, and through activities and initiatives rolled out in consultation with First Nations Partners, co-led by THE ICONIC’s DIB Business Partner and INNOVATE RAP Working Group. These principles are Two-Way Learning, Co-Design, Partnerships and Celebration.

Key Highlights in 2023 include:

Set up of the INNOVATE Reconciliation Action Plan (“RAP”) Working Group, a cross functional team of talent across the business. Senior Leaders took part in Immersive Cultural Awareness Workshops facilitated by Aboriginal owned and operated training firm, Mirri Mirri.

Marked Reconciliation Action Week with inaugural Indigenous Cultural Awareness e-learn for all employees. Observed  National Aborigines’ and Islanders’ Day Observance (“NAIDOC”) week hosting events with guest speakers from Aboriginal Land Councils, and catering from local Indigenous owned and operated companies. 

Internal awareness campaigns, with a series of podcasts, articles and resources shared with all employees, providing educational opportunities, and specialised First Nations counselling services.

Bespoke workshops “Kitchen Conversations: The Voice to Parliament” co-designed with First Nations Partner Cox Inall Ridgeway, helping employees to be informed and supported in the lead up to the 2023 Australian Indigenous Voice referendum.

THE ICONIC X FNFD Incubator Program launched – a nine-month, cross functional and co-designed, industry-first program, in partnership with First Nations Fashion + Design (“FNFD”). The Program offering First Nations fashion designers learning and brand development opportunities, through mentorship, gathering, workshops and tangible resources.

In late 2023, THE ICONIC was nominated “Partner of the Year” by the NSW Indigenous Chamber of Commerce’s 2023 Awards, for THE ICONIC X FNFD Incubator Program. This recognised the many months of work and dedication the core program team put into the pilot Program, in co-design with FNFD. Recognising exceptional practice, leadership and innovation in the engagement of Indigenous businesses.