As we continue to grow and serve more customers across our markets, we are challenging ourselves to improve efficiency of emissions generated by the delivery of products to customers, our third largest source of emissions in 2021 (5%). Learning from the introduction of several low emission delivery options in 2020 and adapting to the limited electric vehicle infrastructure in SEA, we have introduced low emission alternatives in both Hong Kong and Indonesia.

In Hong Kong, we leveraged the interconnectivity that the city has to offer and collaborated with our delivery partner to deliver parcels to our customers by foot, reducing our reliance on vehicles and eliminating vehicle-related emissions for last mile delivery. Customers less than 10 minutes away from delivery stations receive their parcels by dedicated walking agents, with assistance of trolleys. Since its launch in January 2021 with extensive citywide coverage, more than 153,000 parcels have been delivered by foot in Hong Kong.

The heavily congested traffic in Jakarta has positioned bicycles to be not only agile but also an efficient low emission delivery solution for the last mile. Since March 2021, we have delivered 10,000 customer parcels in Jakarta’s city centre areas by bicycle. More parcels will be delivered with lower environmental impact once we expand the service to the whole of Jakarta in early 2022.