THE ICONIC launches its first Carbon Footprint assessment

In early 2019 THE ICONIC completed its first carbon footprint assessment having collected comprehensive data to map the causes of emissions throughout the business and supply chain. As a result, the business has developed its first carbon management plan to guide efforts to minimise the biggest sources of carbon impacts – including driving uptake of lower carbon materials for products and transitioning to less impactful delivery options.

There has also been a focus on improving the quality of the data gathered to monitor performance, to help inform ongoing assessments. One of the team’s early successes has included significantly increasing the monthly proportion of customer orders sent via standard shipping versus express shipping by 3.67 times, which is on average 55 per cent more carbon efficient per order.

Additionally, as Lamoda in Moscow also did during the year, THE ICONIC introduced LED lighting across the warehouse in Western Sydney as one of many electricity efficiency initiatives. This has resulted in, despite almost doubling the warehouse storage capacity to 4 million units, a reduction of 2.5 per cent in energy consumption since installation.