At GFG, we are playing a part in the transition of the fashion industry’s current linear model, to one that factors in circularity principles at every stage of the product life cycle. A circular system is the long-term solution for the fashion industry, where there is minimal or even no waste throughout the product life cycle. We not only seek to incorporate circular design principles into the product we sell, but we also commit to offer end of life solutions to customers which enable them to close the loop, especially where other mechanisms to do so are limited in our markets.

Performance to Date


of waste from our warehouses comprehensively tracked


of delivery countries using order packaging made from more sustainable materials


customers who purchased sustainable assortment in 2021

Focus Areas

Responsible waste management

Customer engagement and circularity solutions

Responsible design and production systems

Sustainable packaging

Circular design

2030 Targets


waste in our operations is diverted from landfill


sold units covered by closed loop take back solution


sold units from fashion assortment made in line with circular criteria (recycled, repaired, pre-loved, circular design)


tonnes of packaging retrieved from customers and responsibly disposed


directly purchased and ownbrand packaging made from more sustainable materials