The Health, Safety and Wellbeing of our People is fundamental to GFG ‘s culture and an integral part of the way we do business. Our wellness approach encompasses the physical, mental and emotional wellbeing of our people to enable them to be their whole self and reach their full potential both personally and professionally.

We are focused on building maturity in our health & safety management where the culture is one where ‘safety is everyone’s business’, visible and demonstrated in our daily operations with our people and customers supported by a clear management system and policies.

Our Responsible Workplace Targets


Progress in 2020


of labour agencies vetted consistently and comprehensively before onboarding



Directly employed delivery riders and drivers complete road safety training requirements New target 2021


of delivery providers mapped, working conditions risk assessment completed and high risk providers audited Due to commence 2021

BY 2022

Implementation of a Group wide Health, Safety & Wellbeing (HS&W) Policy and clear objectives for the maturity of our workplace practices Due to commence 2021

BY 2022

International standard of reporting and governance of HS&W metrics with clear targets for achievement Due to commence 2021

At GFG People are our greatest asset and we are committed to providing a workplace where people are free from harm, where the environment enriches their work and allows them to be their best self.

Our Health, Safety and Wellbeing Commitment is founded on our core principles. People are our Greatest Asset. We create a safe workplace where everyone feels they belong.



Wellbeing Program in ANZ

THE ICONIC accelerated their commitment to wellbeing in 2020 with an approach that incorporates four key elements which are integrated into the way we work: Promote, Prevent, Intervene Early and Support Recovery.


Human Rights of Agency Staff & Delivery Drivers

GFG engages additional people via agencies in most operating countries, contracting the agency to supplement the directly employed workforce for picking and packing of customer orders, cleaning, security and parcel delivery. Respect of fundamental human rights at work for people working in or for our operations but not directly employed by us is of no less importance than our own employees or those in our supply chain. We have developed an Agency Due Diligence Framework, which when implemented robustly provides more information about the reality on the ground and ultimately confidence in conditions for agency staff. At its core is a policy which specifies our expectations of agencies and covers non-discrimination, worker representation, non-payment of recruitment costs by staff, non-retention of passports, employment contracts, wages and provision of safe and decent working, living and transport conditions. In addition, the framework provides regions with a structure for conducting due diligence including tools and templates and implementation is monitored by the group. In respect of delivery drivers, fundamentally our expectations are the same and we are formalising an applicable framework during 2021.