We are committed to a culture of belonging. Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging is more than just a strategy, it’s what we believe and how we lead. It’s how we improve our business performance and build on Global Fashion Group’s reputation in the industry.

At Global Fashion Group we describe the power of inclusion as “true self expression”, where everyone can be their authentic self and express the best version of themselves.

Our Diversity Inclusion & Belonging Targets



The Supervisory Board maintains 50/50 gender balance of women and men


The GFG Executive Team maintains 50/50 gender balance of women and men


Leadership team achieves gender balance 50/50


of employees agree they ‘feel a sense of belonging where they can be their true authentic selves at work’

At GFG, each of us contributes to diversity, inclusion and belonging—we all have a role to play. Our culture is the result of our behaviors, our personal commitment, our curiosity, how we collaborate, and the ways that we courageously share our perspectives and encourage others to do the same.

We strive for every person to have a pro-diversity mindset and we achieve this through the development of positive practices and policies, investment in training and inclusive leadership. We strive for flexibility to be mainstreamed and the personalisation of work life harmony to be at the forefront.


We believe fundamentally every human’s right is to be treated with dignity and respect, where opportunity is available to everyone of all ages, gender identities, ethnicities, cultural backgrounds, religious beliefs, physical and intellectual abilities, socio-economic backgrounds, education status, parental status, sexual orientation and intersex status. It is our collective responsibility to shape our future with a diverse group of people in our company, where we foster inclusivity and our people feel a deep sense of belonging. Our approach is so much more than just a set of policies – it’s what we believe, how we live and how we lead. It’s embedded in all we do.True self-expression at GFG means everyone can come as they are and together, we embrace the differences we collectively bring to our company.

Our collective behaviour and actions stem from this mandated and shared core ‘belief statement’, so we get behind it and prioritise it! It’s how we improve our business performance and build on GFG’s reputation in the industry as an employer. It’s how we put our people first and it’s our way of putting respect into action – every one of us, in every moment, every day.

‘True Self Expression’– Our shared group purpose is true self expression, it’s the heart of our culture and part of our DNA, where everyone can be their authentic self and express themselves without fear.

“It takes a lot of effort and energy to try and be someone different to your true self everyday. I want our people to put that effort and energy into other things and be confident that showing up as ‘you’ is going to be welcomed, respected and celebrated.”

Nic Strauss, Global CPO

We go beyond commitment and empower meaningful change

At Global Fashion Group we have accelerated our actions considerably and developed a Group wide Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging Framework which frames our shared core ‘belief statement’, priority dimensions and commitments. Our core belief statement is that every person has the right to be treated with dignity and respect and experience a safe workplace where they feel they belong.

Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging Framework

Our Group-wide Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging Framework and vision frames our shared core ‘belief statement’ and inclusion principles. Our core belief statement is that all human beings are entitled to dignity and respect and can be their true selves without risk of prejudice, discrimination or harassment.

The Framework acts as a guide but as a group we promote freedom within this framework, giving each region the autonomy to bring this to life and respond to local topics in the communities we operate.

Pivotal career transitions matter

We have identified that our hiring and promotion practices provide us with a vital opportunity to deliver on our DIBs strategy. As a result, we have made the following commitments to our approach to hiring..

  • Conduct a systematic review and implement changes that minimize bias in decision making including how we design roles, where we source talent and the selection process. Our aim is to ensure we have equitable hiring practices and an inclusive candidate experience.
  • Ensure our selection process for leadership roles assesses clearly defined inclusive behaviours and the selection panel is gender diverse.
  • Ensure the final selection step for all vacant leadership and critical roles assesses at least two diverse candidates in terms of gender, age and/or other under-represented identity for that region.


Creating a more inclusive and sustainable future.

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We create sustainable change together

We hope that through our own movement we will inspire other businesses to recognise their part in driving collective, actionable change. We know we have work to do; although we have made great progress on our journey to date, we are humble enough to know there are many more opportunities for us to create positive change. We are proud to share a few of the examples below as a way of remaining humble on our journey and celebrating the efforts of our people who have already been driving such powerful change.



Dafiti’s Employee Allyship Program

In our Latam region, Dafiti, we have proudly developed the Employee Allyship program made up of four focus areas and are soon to be rolled out across the group.


THE ICONIC embrace body-positivity

In our ANZ region, THE ICONIC, a commitment to a broad range of humanness has been demonstrated for a number of years across our website, our social channels, our campaigns and events.


THE ICONIC Launch First Reconciliation Plan (RAP)

We’re committed to delivering our first Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) following its commencement in 2020.