Our belief at GFG is that every individual deserves to be treated with dignity, respect, and to experience a safe workplace where they feel a sense of belonging.

We are dedicated to cultivating a leadership culture that is inclusive, equipping our leaders with the necessary education and awareness to identify and eliminate biases.

Our goal is for all employees to feel empowered to express their true, authentic selves at work, aligning with our purpose of fostering genuine self-expression.

2023 Employee Survey Results


of employees agree they are treated with dignity and respect at GFG


of employees agree ‘they can be their true authentic selves at work’ (true self-expression)


of employees agree they feel a sense of belonging

Focus Areas

Discover, Attract and Retain Diverse Talent

Nurture a Culture of Inclusivity

Acknowledge, Respect and Celebrate Cultural Diversity

Strive for Greater Equality and Equity

Embrace Diversity of Thought