GFG Health, Safety and Wellbeing Commitment Statement

GFG prioritises the health, safety and wellbeing of our people and is committed to creating a workplace where people are free from harm, where the environment enriches their work and allows them to be their true self


We will fulfil our commitment to supporting the Health, Safety and Wellbeing of our people by:

  • Leaders and employees know and understand their responsibilities for Health, Safety and Wellbeing.
  • Setting measurable objectives and key results to support the Health, Safety and Wellbeing programs;
  • Implementing, maintaining, evaluating and reviewing a Health, Safety and Wellbeing Management System and a Risk Management Program;
  • Supporting the safe and equitable return to work of our injured / ill people;
  • Providing Health and Safety education to our people, contractors and visitors to achieve better practices and, by extension, better Health, Safety and Wellbeing outcomes;
  • Consulting with, and engaging, our people, leaders and stakeholders on Health and Safety issues that affect them, to facilitate a shared responsibility for meeting our Health, Safety and Wellbeing goals;
  • Ensuring adequate human and financial resources to manage Health, Safety and Wellbeing which is not compromised by commercial priorities;

We will demonstrate commitment to workplace Health, Safety and Wellbeing leadership through:

  • encouraging and supporting healthy and safe work practices without repercussions for raising concerns;
  • communicating information with our people about Health, Safety and Wellbeing matters;
  • performing a regular audit and continuous improvement review cycle of our Health, Safety & Wellbeing program;
  • integrating workplace Health, Safety and Wellbeing into all aspects of our business; and
    promoting a Health, Safety and Wellbeing reporting and learning culture.

We will take responsibility for GFG to provide a healthy and safe workplace through:

  • GFG Management Board and Regional CEOs having responsibility for, and demonstrating commitment to the effective implementation of this Policy.
  • All Executives ensuring that all People Leaders fulfil their Health, Safety and Wellbeing responsibilities and act upon their duty of care to ensure the safety of our people at all times.
  • All employees, contractors and visitors take responsibility and reasonable care for their own Health and Safety and the Health and Safety of others and comply with any reasonable policy, procedure or instruction.

We will ensure good governance by: 

  • GFG’s Health, Safety and Wellbeing having oversight and governance within the Group Sustainability Committee and is part of the Responsible Workplace commitments in the People & Planet Positive strategy. The committee monitors GFG Health, Safety and Wellbeing performance and delivery of the strategic priorities.

GFG is committed to ensuring compliance with legal requirements and legislations in each of our operating countries. This Commitment Statement applies to: All GFG Employees, Contractors and any Labour Services Providers operating in our premises or on our behalf.

2023 Performance


of relevant employees completed awareness training on Business Ethics

On track

with countries operating the GFG Conflicts of Interest Policy, Responsible Marketing Promises and Principles, Fair Treatment of Suppliers Policy and Political Involvement Policy

Focus Areas

Responsible use & safeguarding of customer data

Effective and transparent Corporate Governance

Social Governance in the manner we bring products to market

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